About Nadine Williams

Nadine Williams, a native of St. Mary Parish, Jamaica, is an Award Winning Poet, Author and entrepreneur. She credits her success to the humble beginnings of reading under the kerosene lamplight to her family as a child, coupled with being reared by witty grandparents who spoke in parables all the time.

Currently Brampton is home to her and her three children. She stumbled upon writing as a creative expression for well-being in 1994, and with much encouragement, in 2008, she successfully self-published her first book of poetry, The Culmination of Marriage Between Me & My Pen. Throughout the years, she has been actively engaged in many noteworthy events throughout North America and Jamaica. The overwhelming success and demand for the book resulted in the launch of three new books, With This Pen I Do Tell, Pen on Fyah, a children’s book, Love Rocks and ten Black History Month poster poems.

In Feb. 2014, Nadine was the recipient of the Deeds Speak Award from York Regional Police and has several certificates of recognition from all levels of government; four in the last few months from the Federal Government for being an inspirational Canadian. In November 2017, Nadine opened for Mrs. Obama at a luncheon in Toronto, and in February 2018, she opened for Prime Minister Trudeau at his Black History Month event in Gatineau. She has read at Queens Park ten times in the last ten years for BHM as well as other black cultural events. She was invited by the UN to their Black History Month 2018 event at the UN Headquarters for the work she did on her 2017 Black History Month poster, The Fabric of Our being, in honour of The UN’s proclamation of The International Decade for People of African Descent. Her advocacy work through that poem assisted in Canada recognizing the Decade. In February 2018, The Canadian Bankers Association endorsed her 2018 Black History Month poem, Viola’s 10, which posthumously honours Viola Desmond, and has been using it across Canada to enhance financial literacy in schools.

Over the last ten years, Nadine’s strong authentic voice has reverberated and caught the attention of many both at home and abroad. She has connected with audiences through the work of her pen and has a particular focus on women and youths. She hosted a Community Dialogue Breakfast at North York Civic Centre in 2011 addressing youth violence, which saw MP’s, Police Officers and Leaders of the Black Community, Youths and Families engaged in meaningful dialogue over the escalating violence among black youths; she provides a scholarship through the Jamaican Canadian Association; her poem, “Black Bwoi” was used as the catalyst for YRP’s Youth Violence Prevention initiative, which garnered her their coveted Deeds Speak Award. As an Artist in Education for ten years, she engages youths in numerous theme based sessions in schools, through visual art installations, readings, storytelling, workshops and dialogues. She is especially active during February for Black History Month and has been invited back repeatedly to several schools to engage youths in promoting positive cultural identity for people of African descent. One such school is the University of Toronto’s African Studies Department, who has invited her in over ten times in the last ten years. Various school boards throughout the Province purchases her Black History Month posters for their schools. The York Catholic District School Board, Durham Catholic District School Board as well as The Hamilton Wentworth Catholic District School Boards (to name a few), have been doing so for ten years now and further engages her to present to their schools.

Her current project is poetry on canvas, which has been used as a tool to support racialized students within Ontario. Permanent installations of her art can be found throughout various school boards, corporations as well as Mount Sinai Hospital. Recently, a sizable corporate purchase was made of Us Women and was donated to a Women’s Shelter. She continues to work on ways of getting out her messages of empowerment, cultural identity, inspiration and violence prevention.

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