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Blog posts come and go, but what I do know is that what makes them stay on the readers mind is the content found therein. I have seen people write outrageous things to keep readers engage, and I’ve also seen content that leaves one enraged. One of the things that I have heard repeatedly about my writings, is the fact that it is authentic. This authenticity has been this bold, in your face, take it or leave it, this is my truth, I am not about to lie to appease your idea of what should or shouldn’t leave my fingers to linger on your mind. This is the type of content that stays on the readers mind, and pull folks in, at least this is what I have found, but undoubtedly it also leaves one vulnerable, and depending on what is going on in life, this vulnerability has the ability to fluctuate. For me, I am not my authentic self these days truthfully, there are things that I would want to share, and just lay it bare without a care, but I am not there right now, don’t even know if I’ll ever get back there. What I do know is that writing has become my life, and so I will continue to write. In time, my authenticity may return, you know they say practice becomes perfect. Life has thrown me some curve balls, so instead of playing bball and calling my shots, I find that these days it’s a little safer to play dodgeball, but I am hopeful, that with daily drills, I might start to get the thrill again that bball brings, and may even hit a few three pointers. Go easy on me, or hard, but know that this is my intro to the world of blogging. I do love to write, so you should see a lot of me or a little depending on the court, or the turf I’m playing on any given day. Nuff Love, NAW

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