Shopping, my therapy

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Writing was my therapy, until I discovered shopping. Though the relief is very temporary, it is just that thing that makes me feel good, in the moment when I am troubled, bored, need a self esteem booster shot, etc.. Some people drink, some do yoga, meditation, sex, exercise, volunteer, connect spiritually, read, write, clean, eat…you get the picture. I have been meaning to take French lessons, and I still may one of these days. I also do love to walk, but this Canadian weather isn’t always conducive; I really can’t get into the gym thing, I have lost a number of $69.99 throughout the years, but perhaps when I start driving again I will join the gym…perhaps! There is a certain feeling that I get when I am well put together, and well, if there is nothing in my closet to put together then….rubbish, I have enough to fill a hundred barrels! I am however taking baby steps to wean myself of this habit and thinking more about my long term goals and retirement. Image is very important in any business, and more so as an artist who makes multiple appearances; however there comes a point when one has to retrain the brain and refrain from certain activities that are downright Ludacris. Although we are most certainly judged by how we carry ourselves, at the end of the day, as long as we are clean and well groomed, nobody really cares how many times an outfit has been repeated, and the kind of money that is spent just to have that look, can be so incredibly ridiculous. So as the new year approaches, one of my very attainable goals is to wean myself off a di’ shopping ting’. Nuff Love, NAW

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