• “Dear Nadine: I am writing to thank you for the copy of your wonderful book. It means so much to receive warm wishes like yours, and I hope you know how much I appreciate…”

    Michelle Obama
  • “Dear Ms. Williams What a delight it was seeing you again at this weekend’s Black History Month kick-off brunch. I am grateful for your kind words and appreciate your thoughtfulness in presenting me with the posters featuring your poetry - fitting tributes to the legacies of Viola Desmond and Michelle Obama…”

    Elizabeth Dowdeswell The Lieutenant Governor of Ontario
  • I have known Nadine for nearly ten years in my capacity of Curriculum Coordinator, Equity Lead and Indigenous Education Lead with the York Catholic Board. Nadine has played a central role in our Racialized Youth and Student Well-Being initiative, and our work to highlight the valuable contributions of people of African Heritage to the fabric and success of Canadian society. Nadine has a body of work that is both impressive and accessible. She enhances her work through presentations that inspire, challenge and motivate people of all ages. Further to this, Nadine creatively explores ways of maximizing the accessibility of her work by creating posters for our school communities. Her most recent work “Poetry on Canvas” has been very popular in our school district. This year, each school and our central office has a permanent display of her work. Nadine has been presenting in our school communities for years. I marvel at her remarkable ability to make poetry accessible to all ages. Her work and her presence have met with rave reviews and many accolades as she works in our system. She has a phenomenal gift to speak the words that engage and mesmerize members of our community, from Kindergarten to Grade 12, and also teachers parents and senior administration. That is no easy feat and not for the faint of heart.

    Michael Wayskinner Coordinator Religion, Family Life, Equity, Indigenous Education Lead York Catholic Board
  • As a storyteller, Nadine Williams pours poetic power in our mind and soul that undoubtedly stirs up your emotions. You cannot talk about Nadine without talking about her epic poem “The Immigrant Child” from her third book Pen on Fyah.  For many who have read this poem, or had the pleasure of witnessing Ms. Williams deliver it live, her words confound you and cause you to immediately resonate with the “plight-turned-to-delight” journey that she and other newcomers to Canada experience. With every opportunity to bring that piece forward, Nadine Williams makes a connection with her audience and has recently interwoven the poem with new material, crafting it into a provocative trilogy. The creation of the trilogy emphasizes not only the significance of zooming out on a single story, to include perspective from all of those impacted by the migration experience, but it also signifies Ms. Williams persistence to build on her literary repertoire and offer more insightful brilliance to a global phenomenon. All four of Ms. Williams’ books, produced and published within the decade, have been resounding in creative excellence, and to her credit, she has devoted her entire family’s life to advancing her work and profile.

    Lisa Brown Law Graduate
  • Ms. Williams is a well-known poet, author and spoken-word artist who has worked extensively in the community with people of all ages. Through her works Ms. Williams has been a strong voice for the Black Community especially her advocacy for stopping youth violence. This caught the attention of York Regional Police where our mission is to encourage and nurture a safe community for children, teens and young adults.York Regional Police has been working together with Ms. Williams for several years and she has presented at many of our own Black History Month celebrations.  We are proud of the relationship that we have enjoyed over that time.  I can attest to the work that is performed by Nadine as being powerful and impactful in helping us with providing guidance to youth with a message of making positive lifestyle decisions.  In 2014, York Regional Police hosted an End Youth Violence Arts Contest, inspired by Ms. Williams’ passionate spoken-word video of her “Black Bwoi” poem.  This was a notable project that saw young artists submitting their songs, digital images, poetry, prose and visual art in an effort to combat youth violence. This proved to be a successful endeavour.  In recognition of her efforts, Ms. Williams was recognized with our own community “Deeds Speak Award

    Andre Crawford Deputy Chief York Regional Police
  • Good morning Nadine, How are you? I have been meaning to write to you earlier but having literally hit the ground running whilst trying to settle, time keeps eluding me. My apologies are still in order for not writing sooner. I haven't had the chance to read your books in their entirety but I just wanted to commend you on the great work you are doing so far to write a journal of your experiences as a woman, a mother and an "Immigrant Child" in poems. Your poems are profound which become even more effective when you recite them. I am also very impressed with the support you have given to the Dixon family by donating $1,500.00, the first proceeds from your recently published book. May God bless you richly for impacting the lives of many and making the difference in your own special way. With best regards,

    Nadine Mendez Consul/Head of Chancery

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