them rainy days

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against my pane, your rain falls, washing away all angst and pain; a soothing lullaby, sending me adrift past cloud nine and just before ten, washing over my soul and making me whole. fresh drops, falling like snow and dew drops on my upper lips when I’m tickled pink, fall harder and longer on my zinc rooftop. bounce and cascade thunderously down my eavestrough. they say, “rain rain go away and come again another day;” but I say, STAY awhile and saturate my roots. and cause a growth spurt. fall, fast, hard, long, whenever, wherever; but hey, remember that with anything there are rules to be kept and never broken. keep those flashing lights, swirling clouds, clapping sounds, and howling winds at bay, you hear? Now fall, just fall, preferably at night! NAW (c) May 21, 2013

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