We don’t want too much history, just a little will do. We don’t want our children tainted by those grim pictures painted way back then. We want them to remain innocent, you know, just riding their tricycles in the neighbourhood, God forbid you should try and teach them about life in the hood. Canada’s wonderland, and Fairy Godmothers, no black like tar or monkeys and bananas, no that’s not who we are. A little song and dance will do, and perhaps a tiny glossing over about how you all got over, yes that too, but slideshows of the National Museum of African American History and Culture, no, no no…. (I get it, no chains, no trees, no hound dogs, horses, or swamps either, no cotton fields, no young girls in the fields, no selling children, no using children as baits for them gaits’, no families separated, no husbands humiliated when the acts are done in plain sight, no mothers placing ads looking for any word of their babies, no ban on celebrations, no jubilation about the emancipation proclamation, no free labour, or going through labour on the run, no gentrification, no Salem, no Birmingham, no Harlem, no Jim Crow, no underground railroad; no, none of that). Not too much depth, in fact, we can just start with the Obama era, nothing before. That’s great history right there, beautiful Michelle, Sasha and Malia…the Obamas, Oprah Winfrey, no not as a child but you know The Oprah Winfrey Show, Michael Jackson and his thriller moves….well yes you can touch a little on the new ten dollar bill with Viola Desmond and her strong will if you will….but no back of the bus comparison with Rosa Parks, no further than the 90’s. They are innocent children, we can’t afford to taint them with these paintings, you understand don’t you? The lips need not speak for the heart to be revealed, but fear not, wisdom follows me like goodness and mercies, I take it everywhere I go. Nuff love, NAW