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Your blues are like mine,

they’re just a different shade.


My Pen
Has Travelled
A Great Distance

Welcome friends, it is so incredibly awesome to have you join my pen and I on this amazing journey that we have been cultivating throughout the years. It is my sincere hope that splashes of my pen’s ink will leave an indelible mark, and in return you will add more ink to my pen.

Selection of Works

The Immigrant Child

A vision over time is a conversation about our experiences, identities, values and aspirations.

Collection of some
Books & Posters

A collection of books and posters from Award-Winning and Best-Selling Author Nadine Williams.

A thematic poetry book that delves into the author’s life experiences and inadvertently draws the reader into a world where they can look at their mirrored reflections and find inspiration and the aspiration to reach out and touch somebody’s heart.

In this book, the reader finds a therapeutic journey of words; full of humour, and a depth that stirs the soul into action. A tribute to Jamaica is found in this and all her writings, as a way of keeping the heritage alive and introducing patois to the readers.

This story is told through the eyes of a boy and depicts his journey home after finding a heart-shaped rock. It introduces kids to geology in the process and has a poem and a recipe at the end.


The author’s work evolves into a thing of pure fyah by thematically delving into subjects in a no holds barred way, shedding previous notions of morality, idealism, and political correctness. The narrative takes you on a search for justice, truth, and causes you to find peace at heart.


A fun rhyming tale for early readers.


Speaks of belonging


Reflection on an immigrant’s story.


Celebrating women.


A reflection on immigrants and refugees


Celebrating Black futures


Celebrating identity through the use of Mother Tongue.


Celebrating Black History Month


Black Flourishing


Black Brilliance Version 1


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The POINT is’ an inspired piece of creation that started last night and turned into a gift to the school that invited me to speak to their incoming grade 9’s.…

Patience & Agility

When the door closes in your face, you must be patient and agile enough to climb ladders to access attic windows and get on your knees to access basement crawl…

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