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High Rise Finds New Home

Thankful that High Rise found a new home today at Ontario's leading association of residential builders, RESCON. Further grateful that I started the onboarding process today for a newly acquired…


The POINT is’ an inspired piece of creation that started last night and turned into a gift to the school that invited me to speak to their incoming grade 9’s.…

Patience & Agility

When the door closes in your face, you must be patient and agile enough to climb ladders to access attic windows and get on your knees to access basement crawl…

Sacrifices of the Dream

It was a few years ago that I stumbled upon this dream during a rather nightmarish period of my life, and without any road map, except some inspiration along this…

Fear of Historical Proportions

We don’t want too much history, just a little will do. We don’t want our children tainted by those grim pictures painted way back then. We want them to remain…

Digitally Speaking

Being a creator of digital content can be such a challenge, I’ve found. We are definitely living in a digital world, and Digital Immigrants sometimes lack the self assuredness that…

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