I Always Go Big!

I always go for BIG (mi grandparents reared me to believe in BIG) I remember when I started my construction cleaning biz years ago. In a few short weeks I went for the mansions in Kleinberg and [...]


Not just another blog

Blog posts come and go, but what I do know is that what makes them stay on the readers mind is the content found therein. I have seen people write outrageous things to keep readers engage, and [...]


Shopping, my therapy

Writing was my therapy, until I discovered shopping. Though the relief is very temporary, it is just that thing that makes me feel good, in the moment when I am troubled, bored, need a self [...]


Fear, of historical proportions

We don’t want too much history, just a little will do. We don’t want our children tainted by those grim pictures painted way back then. We want them to remain innocent, you know, just [...]


Digitally speaking

Being a creator of digital content can be such a challenge, I’ve found. We are definitely living in a digital world, and Digital Immigrants sometimes lack the self assuredness that Digital [...]


Sacrifices of the Dream

It was a few years ago that I stumbled upon this dream during a rather nightmarish period of my life, and without any road map, except some inspiration along this journey, I have been at it. The [...]


Confessions-A reflection on church at christmas

A few years ago I started growing a fascination with church doors; just the doors, not the interior. Everywhere I go and see a church door I want to get a picture of it, especially the period [...]


them rainy days

against my pane, your rain falls, washing away all angst and pain; a soothing lullaby, sending me adrift past cloud nine and just before ten, washing over my soul and making me whole. fresh [...]